Rain or Shine…We WILL Play Football.

Oklahomans will play their sports in ANY kind of weather. Period. Last Saturday, Oklahoma State University was scheduled to play Tulsa University in a game that everyone thought would be “normal”. Little did they know a massive storm was heading their way! Kick off was supposed to happen at 9:10pm (which was already a late kick off to begin with) but the game ended up being delayed close to 4 HOURS waiting for the storm to pass. Everyone (fans, staff, marching band members, the concession stand workers) were “advised” to evacuate into TU’s basketball arena (Donald W Reynolds Center) until further notice. With torrential rain and gusts up to 50 mph we thought the game would never start. Fans started leaving, the people got restless, Tulsan’s were hacked by the OSU marching band playing their fight songs… Go Pokes. It was rumored that even after the weathers extreme conditions both teams still wanted to play the game. Finally after much deliberation kick off started at 12:15 AM…setting a record for latest start time in college football history.

As fans watched the game they also spectated a menacing lightning storm in the distance. Not long after the game had started it started raining… again. By half time (1:48AM) OSU had a commanding 31-6 lead and there weren’t more than a couple thousand left in the stands. Finally after hours of being pelted with wind and rain the Cowboys brought home a win with a final score of 59-33. The game finally came to an end at 3:45AM and “while OSU sleepwalked its way to a victory on Sunday morning, Tulsa fans woke up wishing it was all a bad dream”. In rain, shine, lightning, tornados, floods, NO MATTER the weather. Oklahoman’s will rarely cancel for a little drizzle. We WILL play ball.


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